[45] Expert Blacksmith!:

Quest Level:

  • 45


Recieved From:


Quest Objectives:
Claim your reward from Galvan the Ancient!

Galvan the Ancient: When you first came to me, I knew that you would turn out to be one of my finest pupils! It was without hesitancy that you gave up a trinket of some power to McGavan. You did this only so that you could meet me. Such blind faith and devotion to the craft should be rewarded.

You have attained expertise over blacksmithing, Christoph. Reap the rewards!

Galvan the Ancient: I've got lots to get started on here. Please get me those furs as soon as you can!

Galvan the Ancient: It is only fitting that you receive a trinket of far greater power than the one you sacrificed to get here. Use it in good health, Mim.

 You will recieve the following rewards:
Signet of Expertise
Use: Summons a Hammer of Expertise.
Quest Reward
1 item(s) found.

NPCs and monsters involved in this quest:
 AH Name
Galvan the Ancient
<Artisan Blacksmith of the Mithril Order>
located in Stranglethorn Vale
1 related NPCs/mobs.

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