[8] Graverobbers:



Quest Level:

  • 8

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Quest Objectives:

Magistrate Sevren: The Mass Graves, southwest of Garren's Haunt to the north, were made to accommodate the...impressive...number of deaths Tirisfal suffered when the Plague first came.

The bodies in these graves have so far been spared an undeath, but the Scourge now send Rot Hide Gnolls to gather the corpses and use them to bolster their armies. This cannot be allowed!

Your task is twofold: slay the Rot Hides at the Mass Grave and Garren's Haunt, and gather from them the Embalming Ichor that gives them life.

Magistrate Sevren: Is your task complete? Have you destroyed those dog-things and drained them of their ichor?

Magistrate Sevren: Expertly done, Scroogemcduk. The Scourge are mistaken if they think they can use those corpses against us, and the fluid you gathered from the Rot Hide slaves will be studied by our Apothecaries. It may have secrets we can use against them.

As I said, well done. But our struggle continues, and the conflict will surely offer you more chances to prove your worth to the Forsaken.

 You must turn-in/collect:
x8 Embalming Ichor
Quest Item
Phat Loot
 You may choose one of the following rewards:
Cold Steel Gauntlets
55 AC
Quest Reward
Zombie Skin Boots
31 AC
Quest Reward
3 item(s) found.

NPCs and monsters involved in this quest:
 AH Name
Magistrate Sevren

located in Tirisfal Glades
Magistrate Sevren

located in Brill
(Brill Town Hall)
Dunemaul Brute

located in Tanaris
(Abyssal Sands, Dunemaul Compound, Eastmoon Ruins, Southmoon Ruins, The Gaping Chasm, The Noxious Lair, Valley of the Watchers)
Rot Hide Graverobber

located in Tirisfal Glades
(Brill, Garren's Haunt)
Rot Hide Mongrel

located in Tirisfal Glades
(Garren's Haunt, The North Coast)
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