[31] Infiltrating the Castle:

Quest Level:

  • 31


Recieved From:

Quest Objectives:
Speak to Tyrion in Stormwind Castle.

Elling Trias: Hmm, an interesting tale, and not one to be taken lightly. Yeah, I can help you, but what you need to do is divvy out a form of justice that's not... legal, if you're to see this through to the end.

Lescovar and Marzon need to be dealt with, and swiftly. Do you think you're capable of such a thing?

You decide. If so, then make haste to the castle and find an old friend of mine, a gnome named Tyrion. He's been watching Lescovar now for a couple weeks. He should be able to help you end this.

Some of the experiments I've done are fascinating. I think with a little more work, I'll be able to figure out the nature of these creatures and how they play into how life developed on Azeroth... if they even have anything to do with it to begin with.

One of my biggest theories that isn't well liked is the idea that oozes and slimes are tied to the creation of this planet... almost like they're a secretion of it.

But I can't prove or disprove it until I get more samples.

What the...?! Don't sneak up on me like that! And keep your voice down! What in the name of the Shadow are doing sneakin' up on me for? Can't you see I'm busy, you daft fool?

What do you mean, what am I doing? I'm waiting for the next Dark Portal to open, what the heck do you think I'm doing? Speak your peace and be off with you... 'fore the guards notice the two of us hiding in the bushes together. I have a reputation to maintain.

NPCs and monsters involved in this quest:
 AH Name
Elling Trias
<Master of Cheese>
located in Stormwind City
(Trade District)
2 related NPCs/mobs.

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