[58] Of Lost Honor:

Quest Level:

  • 58


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Quest Items:

Quest Objectives:
Travel to Northdale, in the northeastern region of the Eastern Plaguelands, and recover the Symbol of Lost Honor. Return to Tirion Fordring upon completion of your objective.

Tirion Fordring: The Order of the Silver Hand was utterly decimated when Uther was slain.

The boy held out for as long as he could. Pushed to the war torn hamlet of Northdale, he made his final stand.

Were any of the Order left alive, he thought - and did it matter?

It was with that thought that Taelan threw down the standard of the Order and renounced all that he had known. His honor left upon the blood soaked ground of Northdale.

You must travel to Northdale and recover that symbol of lost honor.

Tirion Fordring: My faith will guide you, Mac. The Light knows no bounds.

Tirion Fordring: It is as glorious now - even in its tattered state - as the day I looked upon it and took my oath of allegiance.

His redemption comes and perhaps mine with it...

 You must turn-in/collect:
Symbol of Lost Honor
Quest Item
Phat Loot
1 item(s) found.

NPCs and monsters involved in this quest:
 AH Name
Lord Tirion Fordring
<Order of the Silver Hand>
located in Western Plaguelands
(Northridge Lumber Camp)
Tirion Fordring

located in Eastern Plaguelands
(Thondroril River)
4 related NPCs/mobs.

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