[30] Raene's Cleansing - Part 7?:

Quest Objectives:

Return to your own tribe and let them know of your victory here.

Show them your trophy, and bask in the glory...

The Sentinels do what they can here in Ashenvale, but it's thanks to night elfs like you that we have gained the ground we have.

So, this is the skull of the fiercest furbolg threat in Ashenvale?

I am more than pleased with your abilities, Kuritorisu. The Sentinels cannot thank you enough. I hope we can rely on you again in the future to help our people.

I shall put this skull and Dartol's Rod in a place of reverence for others to see.

Teronis would be proud. Thank you again.

 You must turn-in/collect:
Dartol's Rod of Transformation
Use: Transforms you into a Furbolg for 3 min.
Ran Bloodtooth's Skull
Quest Item
Phat Loot
 You will recieve the following rewards:
Ring of Pure Silver
+1 Sta, +6 Spi
Quest Reward
 You may choose one of the following rewards:
Glacial Stone
21 DPS
Quest Reward
16.1 DPS, +3 Str, +3 Sta
Quest Reward
5 item(s) found.

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