[51] Secret of the Circle: (Dungeon)



Quest Level:

  • 51

Starts In:


Quest Items:


Quest Objectives:
Travel into the Sunken Temple and discover the secret hidden in the circle of statues.

My memories are cloudy, but I will tell you what I can. The circle of statues in the Sunken Temple, while dangerous, I believe that they hold the secret to unlock an even greater treasure.

From the main altar, I was able to activate a series of lights. I think that if you can uncover what these lights mean, you might be able to unlock whatever secrets are hiding in this room.

I warn you though, Thall. Great evil lies in the temple. It's likely that anything valuable will be fervently guarded...

Do you have my crate? If so, then please...give it to me quickly!

The eye of the idol glitters brightly even in the half-darkness of the temple. Its transparency reveals something shiny behind it. Sliding it to the side, you reach in and grasp what lies inside the statue.

The Atal'ai treasure is now yours.

 Quest begins with this item:
Purple LotusCrafted
 You will recieve the following rewards:
Hakkari UrnQuest Reward
Heraldic Bracers
Lvl 41, 54 AC, +8 Agi, +5 Sta
Quest RewardPhat Loot
Stone Circle
Quest Item
Quest RewardPhat Loot
Unknown RewardQuest Reward
5 item(s) found.

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