Thalanaar Delivery:

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This parcel of goods you found in the Woodpaw gnoll camps was supposed to be delivered to the small way-station of Thalanaar in southeastern Feralas. Regardless of the missing courier's fate, the task of delivering the parcel remains unfinished.

Examining the parcel in detail reveals a hand written name of "Falfindel Waywarder" on the outside of the packaging. Perhaps this is the parcel's ultimate recipient.

Falfindel Waywarder: Welcome to Thalanaar, paladin. Do you need assistance of some sort?

Falfindel Waywarder: Elune be praised, the delivery from Feathermoon Stronghold has finally arrived!

Your presence here indicates to me that perhaps some ill fate may have befallen Raschal, our usual courier. I hope that everything works out. I know that recently, the Woodpaw have become highly agitated from some source to their south. Maybe he fell to the wilds there; I would be careful, friend.

Regardless, thank you again. Here is payment for this parcel's delivery.

 Quest begins with this item:
Undelivered Parcel
Lvl 40
1 item(s) found.

NPCs and monsters involved in this quest:
 AH Name
Falfindel Waywarder

located in Feralas
(Lower Wilds)
Falfindel Waywarder

located in Thousand Needles
3 related NPCs/mobs.

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