[60] The Battle for Alterac:

Quest Level:

  • 60


Recieved From:

Quest Objectives:
Enter Alterac Valley and defeat the dwarven general, Vanndar Stormpike. Then, return to Voggah Deathgrip in the Alterac Mountains.

Voggah Deathgrip: The Stormpike dwarves and their allies have invaded Alterac Valley, and we must drive them out! To win the battle for Alterac, we must defeat their general, Vanndar Stormpike!

You will find Vanndar in Dun Baldar, in the north of Alterac Valley.

Destroy him, Kae, and then return to me.

Voggah Deathgrip: We will not suffer the dwarves in our home! Fall upon our foes and defeat their leader, general Stormpike!

Voggah Deathgrip: Well done, Mac! Stormpikes have no hope in this foolish invasion.

Hah! So far, all they've done is get their general killed!

NPCs and monsters involved in this quest:
 AH Name
Voggah Deathgrip

located in Alterac Mountains
Voggah Deathgrip

located in Alterac Valley
Voggah Deathgrip

located in Hillsbrad Foothills
3 related NPCs/mobs.

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