[45] The World At Your Feet:

Quest Level:

  • 45


Recieved From:

Quest Items:

Quest Objectives:

Trenton Lighthammer: At last year's All-Valley Blacksmithing Championship, all those who watched saw my leg get swept from under me by a cowardly dog from the Venture Co. Foundry. What they didn't know, however, was the reason I was able to continue and ultimately win the tournament: That's right, ornate mithril boots!

I will need to learn how to craft ornate mithril pants for this year's tournament, however, as a Venture Co. shredder is an entrant! Teach me the way of the pants and learn the way of the boot!

Trenton Lighthammer: Have you completed the crafting of the items, Mim?

Trenton Lighthammer: The world will be at your feet, Troshnagorr! Let them all come at your legs, for you are now unsweepable!

 You must turn-in/collect:
x2 Heavy Mithril Boots
Lvl 42, 382 AC, +12 Sta
Ornate Mithril Pants
Lvl 40, 375 AC, +12 Str, +1% dodge, Equip: Increases your chance to dodge an attack by 1%.
2 item(s) found.

NPCs and monsters involved in this quest:
 AH Name
Trenton Lighthammer
<The Mithril Order>
located in Tanaris
2 related NPCs/mobs.

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