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Goblinworkshop.com currently recommends the Firefox web browser for optimal surfing. If you'd like to try out some of the browser-integration that firefox supports with goblinworkshop.com, and don't have it already installed you can get it by clicking on the image below.

Adding this site to your Firefox search bar

Installing: Click here to install the Goblin Workshop search plugin.
Now you can search the website by selecting the skull & crossbones in the search engine dropdown (to the right of your url field).

How to Uninstall
If you wish to uninstall the Goblin Workshop search plugin, you will need to find your Firefox profile folder and delete the goblinworkshop.src and goblinworkshop.png files in the 'searchplugin' subfolder.

Optional: Firefox keyword search for Goblin Workshop

While in your Firefox browser, right click on the site search box in the upper right corner.

Select the option that says 'Add a Keyword for this Search...'

Next, you will get a screen similar to the one shown on the right. Type in the values exactly the same and hit 'ok'.

Now you can search this site by typing 'gw ' into your browser url line. (Where you normally type http://www.goblinworkshop.com in)